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Last Sunday a group of bikers organized a motorcycle ride called “Hollywood Stuntz” in NYC, which according to NYPD commissions Ray Kelly, they did not have a permit to do so.

A Video posted by one of the bikers online Last Sunday showed an incident that happen on the West Side Highway around 1:30 PM, between Bikers and A SUV which carried a married Couple and their 2 year old daughter, which ended in 1 Biker in Critical condition in the hospital, the SUV driver in the hospital after a beating from 3-4 Bikers, 3 Bikers Arrested and 1 more wanted for questioning/possible connection to assault of SUV driver.

In the Video you can see one Biker (Christopher Cruz) intentionally cutting off and stopping short in front of the Range Rover SUV causing the SUV driver (Alexian Lien) to slightly crash with the motorcycle. The SUV and Motorcycle then came to a complete stop dead in the middle of the West Side Highway, this is when all the other bikers surrounded the SUV and began attacking the SUV, Reportedly punching, kicking and trying to slash the tires. In the video you can also see a biker trying to open the drivers door, at this point the driver of the SUV decided his family’s life was in danger and tried to escape speeding off, running over another biker (Edwin Mieses Jr) who was one of the bikers who had parked their bikes in front of the SUV, essentially entrapping the SUV after the initial accident with the first bike.

Edwin Mieses Jr was crushed by the SUV, spine fractures, and both legs broken, his family says he will never walk again. His family says he is in a medically induced coma at St. Lukes hospital.

5 minutes into the video the SUV is surrounded by the bikers again, one biker gets of his bike and opens the driver side door of the SUV, and the SUV driver speeds off again.

Police say the SUV driver made 3 911 calls during this ordeal.

Minutes later, still being chased by the group of Bikers, the SUV gets off the highway around West 178th Street and pulled over between Wadsworth Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue. The law enforcement official said Lien was forced to do so because his tires had gone flat due to damage done to the car when the bikers first surrounded him.

This is when bikers are caught on video smashing the SUV driver side window in, pulling out the driver and pummeling him until a bystander got involved and asked the bikers to stop the assault. Lien’s wife and 2 year old daughter was in the SUV while the while beat him unconscious, and allegedly slashing him. Lien was taken to the hospital and received stitches for his laceration.

Police identified the Biker whose helmet cam captured the whole thing, and obtained the full video as evidence, it’s not clear if the full video will be released to the public, but the video released by the biker cuts off right before the SUV driver is pulled out of his car.

After snap shots from the video taken by one of the bikers himself, were released to the public, 1 biker turned himself in, but was not charged with any crimes, police say although in the short clip of the video released to the public, he is seen punching the passenger window, he stopped when he realized there was a child in the car and also tried to stop other bikers from attacking the driver.

The biker who is being blame for causing this whole altercation because he cut off and braked in front of the SUV, Christopher Cruz was arrested and charged with reckless driving & unlawful imprisonment, amongst other charges.

Today, Saturday October 5th, 2013, two other bikers who participated in the attack of the SUV driver turned themselves in and were formally charged: Reginald Chance, who police identify as the man seen in a video pounding his shiny helmet against the SUV and Robert Sims, of Brooklyn, were charged with gang assault, weapons possession and other offenses.

Police are still searching for 1 more biker for questioning/possible involvement in attack on the SUV driver.

Since this Motorcycle and SUV incident, videos of Bikers all around the country driving recklessly, on the wrong side of the road, on sidewalks, running away from police, and many more has surfaced on the internet and are being broadcasted all over the news.

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